Primary School Sport Funding Statement 2018-2019


On the 17th April 2013, the Department for Education announced an additional grant for schools for sport in primary schools.

The grant must be spent on sport and PE in schools and is to be used to improve provision.  Schools have the freedom to choose how they do this.

The amount of £22,866.44 from the Sports Grant and the delegated budget was used to improve provision in PE as follows.

  •  £2800.00 has been spent on employing a specialist dance teacher, this was an area staff had identified as a whole school area of development. Each year group have received a half term of 1 hour weekly dance lessons focusing on a cross curricular theme
    Impact on learning
    Increased pupil confidence and eagerness to participate in curriculum Dance lessons.  Clear evidence of progression from Reception to Year 6.  Dance is now given a high profile by the children. Develop staff confidence and subject knowledge of teaching dance.
  •  £2175.00 has been spent on employing a Yoga teacher. Each class from Reception to Year 6 have received a half term block of 45 minute yoga lessons. This has also been offered as a lunchtime activity.
    Impact on learning
    Improved listening skills, balancing skills and an excellent cross-curricular link with PSHE.  Also contributed to staff well being.
  •  £2300.00 was spent on employing a specialist secondary PE teacher to develop staff confidence and subject knowledge.
    Impact on Learning
    Improved the provision for the teaching and learning of games and gymnastics in Key Stage 1 and Year 6.
    Increased staff confidence in the teaching of gymnastics.
    Improved how we assess PE, particularly at the end of Key Stage 2.
    Raised expectations in PE, challenged more-able children.
    Improved progression of skills in all areas of PE.  Ensured teachers now plan for progress and not coverage.
    Facilitated transition to secondary school.
  •  £350.00 has been spent on a ‘Skip 2BFit’ day in school delivered by an external provider. This day provided each class with a 45 minute session in either ‘Skip 2BFit’ or, Box 2BFit’.  The day also offered after school sessions involving parents and carers.
    Impact on Learning
    Enabled the children to experience skipping as a valuable exercise, which they can do at playtime in school or at home.  Also ensured older children have the skills to be effective Skip 2BFit play leaders, during lunchtime play. 
  •  £1225.00 was spent on a local school Sport Partnership, 2 year coaching programme and competition calendar. This ensures the school participates in a range of competitions throughout the year. There are 3 levels of competition the children can progress through including: Netball, Sports Hall Athletics, Quick Sticks Hockey, Golf and Key Steps Gymnastics.  The children also receive 6  weekly blocks of specialist coaches in these areas.
    Impact on learning
    Children in all year groups are provided with the opportunity to experience competing in a sport at a competitive level.  The children’s confidence and eagerness to participate has increased quite significantly.
    Children are also experiencing specialist coaching in tennis, hockey, multi-skills and cricket.
    The sports are also offered as after school clubs.  Children therefore have access to a wide range of after school activities.  Many children are receiving up to 5 hours per week of exercise through curriculum PE and after school activities.
  • £750.00 was spent on an additional Sports development programme. This programme offers the children the chance to participate in local competitions and festivals against other local schools.   Each term this programme provides the school with a 6 weekly block of after school activities, delivered by a PE specialist.
    This programme also provides the children with the opportunity to participate in a range of holiday activities, available during every school holiday, at a very low cost.
  • £1368.00 was spent on a specialist GLL coach teaching fitness to Year 6 with a particular focus on making choices and healthy lifestyles.
    Impact on Learning
    Raising awareness of the importance of regular exercise.  Taught the children about the importance of healthy diet and making choices about what we eat.
  • £130.00 was spent entering the Year 5 children to participate in the U Dance festival.
    Impact on Learning
    Increased confidence and participation in dance.  Raised pupil aspirations and enjoyment of dance.  Provided the children with the opportunity to perform in a large theatre, to an audience.
  • £1768.44 was spent on a 10 week block of swimming in the summer term for Year 2.
    Impact on learning
    Introduces swimming at an earlier age. Increased confidence and eliminated the fear some pupils have of going in the water.  Aim to ensure all our pupils can swim 25metres by the end of Year 5.

In addition to the above the school also allocates money from the delegated budget to fund the cost of transport to and from competition events.

  • An additional £10,000.00 has been delegated to improving provision for sport within the playground.
    Impact on learning
    More whole class opportunities for physical activities.  More opportunities for physical cross-curricular opportunities.






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