Match Report

Swimming gala - Harry

We enjoyed the swimming gala because it was a very good experience. When we trained for our races, we weren't worried about where we came. But when we took our start positions in the actual races, we were really determined. We didn't win overall, but we went to enjoy ourselves and we had fun!

Kwik-Cricket tournament - Nathan and James

We went to the Valentine ground (Workington Cricket Club) for the cricket competition. We lost in a close semi-final against Derwent Vale. The team played well together and really enjoyed it. We all improved our skills as cricketers. Hopefully next year's team will do as well as us!

Table-tennis tournament - Jenson and Jason

At the table-tennis tournament we played well and supported each other. We were unbeaten and won overall!

Bowling tournament - Annie-Mae and Thomas

At the Bowling tournament, we worked well as a team. We cheered each other on, which led us to victory! Thomas delivered the final bowl that won the tournament; it was World class!

Girls football festival - Caitlin and Jocelyn

The football tournament was enjoyed by all. Even though it was a festival and we were all winners, we felt like champions at the end. Our team stuck together like glue until the end and we walked away feeling proud of ourselves. The Year 5 and Year 6 children made the school proud!

Boys football tournament - Sam

The football tournament was held in the Sands Centre at Carlisle and it was amazing! There were lots of teams there and there were lots of parents cheering for their child's team. There was a team called "Newlaithes" and they were the hardest team to beat. I had lots of fun.

Athletics competition - Kacey

I went to the athletics competition. My team and I all did brilliantly in our races and we cheered each other on. The races were lots of fun; there was a girls obstacle course and a girls relay (this was the most important race and we won it). The most important thing was that we enjoyed ourselves and tried out best!

Netball tournament - Maddy

At the netball tournament, we worked well as a team and cheered each other on. Although there were lots of really hard rules to remember, my team gave me a lot of support and made me feel confident. It was a really fun experience.



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