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St Patrick's RC Primary School

Year 6

Reading books can be changed as and when required. Children should take their reading books home each day and bring them back to school the following day, allowing them the opportunity to read longer texts both at home and at school. Children in Year 6 are expected to read for approximately 20 minutes per day.


Children will be set weekly spellings to learn on a Monday and will be tested on these spellings every Friday. Spellings are taken from the Year 5/6 statutory spelling list or from the Year 6 No Nonsense spelling programme.


Pupils in Year 6 are expected to complete 30 games on TTrockstars each week and will also be set Mathletics tasks as and when appropriate.


One SATs buster 10 minute test will be set each week for each of the three areas: Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths.